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Customer Guide to Selling Unwanted Cars


When disposal of your unwanted vehicle becomes a necessity there are many factors to consider before deciding on your vehicle’s final resting place. Whether the vehicle is wrecked or has been sitting around collecting rust, what do you do with it?

Wellington wreckers are excited to provide this comprehensive and informative guide. We offer solid advice and answer commonly asked questions about selling a junk car for cash in Wellington.

Have you recently damaged your car in an accident? Do you have an old vehicle you’re ready to sell?

Our guide is written for you. Read on and you will learn:

  • What criteria are used to determine if a car or truck is classified as “scrap”
  • The different selling options available to the owner of a junk car
  • Important information on how to handle issues with the vehicle title
  • What to look for in a reputable junk car dealer in your area
  • Important tips to help you successfully sell your car for cash

Full of useful information, this customer guide will prepare you for the task of selling your car to an auto salvage yard.

What is a “Scrap Car?”

There are two distinct definitions used to define a scrap car. Make sure you understand which category your wrecked or un-repairable vehicle falls under. It will help you decide what to do when it is time to sell your scrap vehicle.

Total Loss

If you were involved in an accident you’re probably waiting to hear from your auto insurance company. The appraiser may determine your vehicle to be a “total loss” if the damage is extensive. This also may be referred to as “totaled”.

If your vehicle is totaled (or deemed a total loss), this means that the cost of repairing your damaged vehicle is more than the current value of your car. In this scenario, a junked vehicle is also referred to as a salvage vehicle.

End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV)

A vehicle that cannot be repaired or safely driven on the road is considered an ELV. These vehicles are inoperable.

An ELV designation is given if the vehicle: suffered large-scale damage from an accident; has no monetary value due to extreme deterioration or age; has been stationary for an extended period of time (typically abandoned cars and vehicles missing necessary parts).

Before selling an End-of-Life vehicle to a junk car buyer it’s a good idea to call around to get the best price for your ELV.

What to Do With a Total Loss Vehicle

In the case of a total loss you have two options: sell it or junk it.

Sell it Online

One place to sell your junk car is on Trademe or eBay.

There are plenty of buyers searching for junked cars. Depending on the type of vehicle and the condition, buyers will purchase your junk car for refurbishing or as a source of auto parts. This is a great option if you have space to store the vehicle and are willing to coordinate transportation.

Sell it for Parts

You can disassemble your junk car and sell the valuable parts. This DIY project can net you several hundred dollars. All you need is a little ambition, the right tools, some know-how and storage space for parts that don’t sell right away.

Sell it For Cash

There are over 50 salvage and junk yards Wellington, all in the business of purchasing junk cars. The majority of these operations provide a convenient, hassle-free service. Many offer free online estimates.

A reputable salvage company will not charge a fee for towing a junk car.

Tips on Getting the Most Cash from a Junk Car Buyer

car wreckers sell used car parts


Here are some criteria to consider:


Although not a hundred percent, you will be able to weed out the “shady” operations based on complaints logged at the CONSUMER Bureau. Unethical junkyards are notorious for using bait-and-switch tactics. Successful cash-for-cars operations have websites where you can check out customer reviews.

Why waste your time with inexperience or inefficiency?

They have the business of buying totaled or junk cars down to a science. Larger operations can usually afford to offer more cash for your car.


Check to see which junkyards offer service in your area. Some have larger service areas due to multiple locations. A larger fleet of tow trucks means you will not have to wait for days to have your clunker towed.

Welly wreckers operate from premises in the Lower Hutt area and will buy cars throughout Wellington region (Wellington cityPoriruaLevinParaparaumuKapiti, and Wairarapa).

Legitimate salvage yards have no problem giving you an estimate before towing your car. Look for those who offer free quotes online, so you have an idea of what to expect when you start making phone calls.

Price and Payment

Operations that value customers are not shady about their pricing. Look for businesses with websites openly publishing prices paid for other junk vehicles.

The automobile recycling industry is highly competitive. Obtain several quotes to maximize the cash you get for your car. Choose a junkyard willing to pay you dollars per ton of steel for your vehicle.

And since cash-for-cars is the name of the game, make sure they pay in cash.

If a representative shows up to tow your car with a cash amount less than the original quote, do not allow them to take the vehicle, keep the title, and call another salvage yard.

Doing your Final Checks

Once you have received a quote from the salvage yard, it’s time to finalize towing arrangements. Now there’s only one thing left to do – pat Old Betsy on the boot and say good-bye.

Gather all your belongings using this helpful checklist as a reminder.

  • License Plates removal
  • Any custom or stock stereo equipment, CDs, speakers, woofers, etc.
  • IDs or any other personal documents
  • Thoroughly go through your trunk and glove compartment. Retrieve items with personal information or account numbers

Closing Thoughts

Selling your junk car is either an unfortunate necessity or something you have put off for far too long. Regardless of your reason, we hope you found our Customer Guide to Selling Unwanted Cars helpful.

If you recently totaled your vehicle or have a junk car sitting in your yard, consider Welly wreckers for your cash for car needs.

Contact us today for a free quote.

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