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Scrap Car Buyers Wellington

Scrap Your Car in Wellington

Scrap Car Buyers Wellington

If you need to scrap a car and you reside in Wellington, Scrap Car Buyers Wellington can come out, collect your car and pay you a generous fee within hours. Wellington car wreckers are based in Lower Hutt and are able to come out and collect cars for scrapping to within a 200-mile radius of their main wrecking yard, and one of the most popular areas they come out to is Wolverhampton. To get started fill out a quote form below or just call us on 0800 429 227 and we will tell you within minutes what we can pay you, which is up to $9000!

Car heavily damaged? Doesn’t matter

If your car is an insurance company write off, has failed its WOF, or is damaged from an accident beyond repair, we will still accept it as we pay for the weight of scrap metal we can get rather than whether all parts are intact.

Offering great value on Scrap Cars

  • The prices we offer for scrap cars are based on the weight of the car, so as a result we can pay you more than a typical Scrap Yard
  • The more cars we scrap the more we can offer you, and we scrap a lot of cars. Scrap Car Buyers Wellington work to quantity-related rates, so the more we scrap, the higher the rates we get and in tern offer to you, the customer.

If you want the best scrap car prices in Coventry, one call to 0800 429 227 and Welly wreckers will give you a generous offer on any vehicle you wish to sell, it doesn’t need to be a vehicle for scrapping. Give us a call or fill in your car registration above to get access to some of the highest scrap truck values in Wellington. We don’t charge any sort of collection fee and you will be paid for your car before we remove it.


Not Just Your Scrap Car! We Will Buy Any Car In Wellington

Whether you have an WOF failure or something’s that’s not economical for you to repair, an insurance write-off or accident damaged vehicle, we will make you an offer. From scrap cars in Wellington, to wreckers in Wellington, we take them all and if the car is too good for scrap we will quote you better than scrap car prices. We will quote you the best price for you car; quick sale, repairable, salvageable or just scrap, we will go the extra mile to achieve a great price for you.

No Admin Fees For Selling Your Scrap Car In Wellington And Across The Hutt Valley

Call 0800 429 227  now to speak to one of our operators and get an individual quote from our experienced advisers, who are here to help you gain the best value for your car. No charges, no catches, just great value and we are here to help through the whole process from quote to completion of NZTA paperwork.

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