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Car Removal Miramar

Car Removal Miramar collects all sorts of cars, vans, and light commercial vehicles. We buy any car or vehicles. We collect and recycle cars for both companies, private individuals, the police force and council etc.

Car Removal Miramar

We will collect your old scrap car and pay you cash.  The car is then taken for recycling. To book your scrap car speak to one of our collection drivers directly on 0800 429 227.

Areas we cover

Welly car wreckers mainly cover Wellington and the Miramar surrounding area. Car Removal Miramar offers swift vehicle removal, efficient scrap car collection and truck salvage in Wellington region. You are one call away form getting your old car collected.

How does the service work?

You either call us on 0800 429 227  or fill in the online form in the menu above.  What happens next is we will decide a date and time to collect your old scrap car. We will of course make sure the driver sorts out all of the paperwork with you. We then take your scrap car and de-registered and recycle it.

Is the service for me?

Welly wreckers literally deal with anyone with a car they need removing.  If you have a old scrap car on your drive, and need your garden back, we will remove it for free.  Do you have a old scrap car that you really want removed – if so, call us on 0800 429 227, and we will pick it up, and dispose of it responsibly

Scrap cars for cash

We offer extremely competitive prices for your old scrap car. No mater where the car is, if it is hard to move or get to, or has no keys, wheels or has simply died – we can collect it for you.

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Why scrap your car?

Is your car so old it just is not safe any more? Have you had an accident, is the car damaged? Has it failed its WOF, Are you fed up remembering to fill in the VTNZ documents? What ever the reason you want the scrap car collected, we will pay cash for your scrap car

If you live in or around Miramar, there is no simpler a way to have your old scrap car collected and disposed of. Simply fill in the form, or call us on 0800 429 227. Our friendly staff will arrange for a collection driver to remove the old scrap car, pay you your cash.  It is a win-win situation – the environment benefits, and you pocket some cash

Looking for a company to pay you cash for your scrap car?

Welly dismantlers specializes in the removal of old scrap cars. Based in Lower Hutt, we cover the  whole of of the Wellington region.

Our scrap cars collection service is for:

  • Old vehicles
  • Abandoned cars and derelict vehicles
  • Crashed cars, smashed and accident damaged cars
  • Insurance write-off’s

Why wait, and look at the old car another day?

The process could not be easier call us on 0800 429 227. We will then arrange to collect your old scrap car. We sort-out the paperwork and complete the NZTA etc.  We then  remove the car for good.

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