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2023 Selling Car to Auto Salvage in Wellington

Getting Top Cash for Cars in Wellington

Before getting rid of unwanted vehicle, we all have the one question in mind, how much do you get for scrapping a car in Wellington? Not everyone will go through the annoying experience of owning a car that no longer runs and needs disposing of. But plenty will, and they do run the risk of thinking that the vehicle in question is worthless. They may think that the only way to get rid of it will be to give it away to someone. Someone who will be able to take it apart and sell the components. That is a task most people don’t have the time, skills, tools or space to carry out.

2023 Selling Car to Auto Salvage in Wellington

However, this is not a true reflection of the reality of the situation. In fact, all junk or scrap cars are like treasure troves of car parts at the wrecking yard in Wellington. Vehicles that have taken on so much damage that all the parts are useless will still have loads of recyclable material to salvage. All of this means that if you see a junk car on someone’s property, you are seeing a small pile of cash. And the owner probably doesn’t even know that they can sell it.

The Auto Wrecking Process in New Zealand

The next question comes in mind, should I sell my scrap car to wreckers or sell it privately? Well, never try to sell or trade your vehicle privately. Once the automobile in question has been hauled off, and arrives at the salvage yard, it will now be going through the wrecking process. There are a few different things that it needs to go through. One of these things involves draining it. Because there will still be fluids inside the hypothetical vehicle we are currently discussing. The remaining engine oil will be drained, along with all the brake fluid. There is going to be some coolant in there as well that needs to go.

If these fluids weren’t drained, they would spill everywhere during the dismantling process. The only place for them from there would be the drain after being hosed down. It is from there that they would end up in the waterways, soil, and everywhere else. Polluting the environment and harming the local wild and plant life.

The Easiest Process of Selling Your Car to the Auto Wreckers

The first step toward selling wrecked cars for cash to the local auto wreckers is to get in touch with them. The purpose of the initial contact will be for getting a free quote. The free quote will indicate to you how much your car is worth to them. How does the company decide how much to value your car at? You will be telling them certain details about your clunker, including how old it is, the make and model as well as its condition.

You can either do this by calling them up directly or by filling out the form they have on their website. If it turns out that the quote isn’t free, don’t bother as there are plenty of companies who provide free quotes, with no obligations.

How Can I Sell My Car for Cash in Wellington?

No matter how bad your car is, you can still sell it for considerably more money than you might anticipate (scrap, old, or damaged). Wellington wreckers will provide you with the best cash offers anywhere in Wellington region for wrecking your car. Our crew of experienced scrap car buyers in Wellington buys all different makes and models of cars, including Utes, 4WDs, trucks, SUVs, vans, and even buses.

We are the most trusted auto wreckers in Wellington. For any condition of the car, we will provide top dollar. For vehicles worth up to $9,999, we offer cash. Sell your car for cash in Wellington in just a few minutes by getting in touch with us!

Searched for Wellington Wreckers? You are in the right place!

If you were searching for a Wellington wrecker that has a huge range of used vehicle parts then WELLY Wreckers can help by connecting you with our New Zealand wrecking group members.

Our Wellington group members have access to a database of over 100 thousands used parts to get you what you need, when you need it. Best of all, you can start the search online right now with our find a part system.


If you are looking to avail of the services of auto wreckers in Wellington, there are a few important things you need to do. First, you have to make sure that you remove any belongings or valuable possessions from your vehicle. After that prepare a valid ID and your proof of ownership. Next, remove the plate number. Finally, clear the access road for hauling purposes. To know more about what auto wreckers do or to avail of their services, feel free to reach out to Welly wreckers. We are happy to help!

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