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MG Wreckers Wellington

MG Scrap Car Yard Wellington – Sell My MG Car Today

MG Wreckers Wellington

We are the largest MG Wreckers in Wellington. We have a series of affordable used MG parts available for all models. Some of our available MG stocks are placed here. If the parts you are taken is not listed here, please call our helpful crew to enquire.

Get Instant Cash For Wrecking MG

We will tow your MG vehicle and will investigate it entirely free of cost. Welly wreckers does not have any deceived fees.

We buy any model of MG car in Wellington, and surrounding suburbs, and we will return you by reliable cash payment – on the same day if needed. Local car wreckers Wellington is offering reasonable value for your unwanted vehicle and the economic vitality to pay cash for MG cars today.

  • MG HS Essence X Auto AWD
  • MG HS Essence Auto FWD 
  • MG ZST Excite Auto 
  • MG HS Plus EV Essence Auto
  • MG MG3 Core Auto
  • MG HS Excite Auto FWD 
  • MG ZS EV Excite Auto 
  • MG HS Plus EV Excite Auto FWD

If you’re want to get rid of your MG car/SUV, make our free online valuation form. If you have any related questions, then please don’t wait to discuss to us.

MG Spare Parts, MG Wreckers

If you own a MG and are needing to obtain some spare parts for it, there’s probably going to be some research involved to find the correct part. Not only do you need a specific part but you need to know that it works and is reliable. MG spare parts are usually highly accessible due to the large amount of MG cars owned in Wellington and New Zealand. Buying quality MG spare parts is now a very easy process, thanks to Welly wreckers. These car wreckers are able to source any MG spare part you need, quickly and efficiently. You can give the friendly sales team a call and they can find it for you.

Not only that, all spare parts purchased through Welly wreckers have a warranty, from 3 months and more. They have a “no fuss” money back guarantee for your peace of mind. As part of New Zealand’s largest auto-recycling group, Welly wreckers has a full range of cleaned, tested and shelved ready for purchase MG spare parts in Wellington. For MG Wreckers Wellington, Welly wreckers in the only place you need to look!

MG Wrecking (2007 to 2023)

  • MG3 wrecking
  • MG GS wrecking
  • MG ZS wrecking
  • MG HS wrecking
  • MG MG4 wrecking
  • MG ZST wrecking


  • Call us at 0800 429 227 – 027 267 447 During Business Hours Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM TO 6:00 PM.
  • Fill the online Contact form on our website and our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible.
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