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European Car Wreckers Wellington

We Wreck European Cars at Welly Wreckers

Whether you’re restoring an old BMW, looking for the best prices on Peugeot parts or trying to get rid of a wreck Ford, Welly Wreckers is the number one choice for auto salvage in Wellington.

European cars are known for their renowned auto manufacturing brands. Given this fact, it is no surprise that some of the most popular and reliable vehicles are made from European countries particularly Germany, UK, Italy, France and Russia. We especially love buying European cars, so it is with great enthusiasm that we are willing to hand over top cash for a European vehicle. Wellington car wreckers team will even remove it free of charge. Our European Car Wreckers Wellington is an affordable used European Auto Parts for VW wreckersBMW wreckersFord wreckersHolden wreckersAudi wreckersMercedes wreckersJeep wreckersLand Rover wreckers

European Car Wreckers Wellington

We Wreck Volkswagens

Volkswagens is an today’s popular brand. One of the most instantly recognizable cars ever manufactured, the Beetle, is a Volkswagen creation. So it is with great passion that we are prepared to pay very handsomely for a Volkswagen car, whether it’s a Golf, Passat, any one of the Beetle models, of a Caddy. Any Volkswagen will do, including the Tiguan or the Touareg.

We Also Wreck Audis

Whether your Audi is in used condition or damaged due to an accident or the march of time, we will gladly offer a generous level of financial remuneration for it. And we will remove it for free as well. This offer is not limited to just a few models, it is inclusive of every Audi model ever made. This means that we buy the imaginatively titled Audi S3, the S8, in fact all the S’s. Every RS model too. European Car Wreckers Wellington buy Audi car in cash and will pay through the nose just to get one or two or ten.

We Haven’t Forgotten BMW’s

That’s right. Easily the most famous of all the brands. Such a rich and colorful history, too. We will gladly shell out sweet cash for a large Sedan, or a Coupe, or an E46 Compact Hatchback. If you have an E70 X5 mid-sized SUV and you want to sell it, sell it to us! Just as an aside, we offer free pick up and removal for all vehicles including cars, trucks, 4WD, Utes & SUVs and the BMW’s are no exception. Check out a brief guide to Truck Salvage.

European Car Wreckers Wellington’s Leading Suppliers of European Second Hand Car Parts

wreckers buy cars sydney

As a leading European Car Wreckers Wellington, We take these cars and dismantle them with the motivation of selling any and all the re-usable components, refurbishing them as needed. Because we take in all makes and models, including all European brands and their respective models, we have a veritable buffet of used parts on hand in our extensive inventory for anyone looking for that hard to find part. Our team is experienced and skilled at finding things fast, and you will find their help in finding your part to be of great service. So if you live in Wellington and want a European part to look no further than Welly Wreckers. Book your used European car part in Wellington now.

Call 022 321 90 78 or fill out the easy and simple online form on our webpage, and receive a free quote. This is the stress free, simple and convenient method for selling your vehicle. Don’t waste any time and get in touch with European Car Wreckers Wellington today.

European Car Wreckers Wellington stock over 10,000 car spares which include:

  • Engine parts, Gaskets, Transmission, Gear boxes
  • Electrical parts, starter motors, alternators
  • Water pumps, Radiators, Hoses, Coolers
  • Shockers, Control arms, Bushes , Car Batteries
  • Body panels, Bonnets, Doors, Boots
  • Bumper bars, Bar grilles, Bar spoilers
  • Interiors, Door trims, Seats, Dashes
  • Second hand Tyres, Wheels and mags
  • Headlights, Taillights, Indicators

We specialize in removing and disposing of unwanted scrap vehicles in the Wellington areas boundaries and beyond (Wellington cityPoriruaLevinParaparaumuKapiti, and Wairarapa. We will assess your vehicle and offer you scrap car quote over the phone for any unwanted vehicle.

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